Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about any of our programs here at Fit Bodies Forever - Training for Warriors Coral Springs.

What does it mean to be a warrior?

We define a warrior as anyone that is prepared to work hard and develop oneself in an effort to battle against his or her particular challenges in life. Our daily workouts are designed to develop the muscular strength and mental fortitude for you to take on those challenges.

What if I'm not used to exercising? Will I be able to keep up?

Absolutely, our team of Coaches are with you throughout every session, so if there’s exercises you may struggle with, they can offer alternatives. At TFW Coral Springs, everyone is working at their own individual abilities. Even if you are in a session with a lot of experienced TFW Coral Springs members, you would still be able to perform the session at YOUR level. Remember, everyone in the room was once in your position, so don’t feel uncomfortable in your first session. Our TFW familia support each other because we’ve all been there!

Should I eat before my workout?

Exercising without eating first can lead to low blood glucose, which can interfere with your brain function. Because your brain runs exclusively on glucose, low levels may cause light-headedness, nausea, muscle fatigue and poor exercise performance. So the answer is yes, have a small meal consisting of a protein and a complex carb two to three hours before exercise.

What is a typical Training for Warriors class like?

Training for Warriors classes are designed to stimulate muscle, burn fat, and most importantly make students better. We describe becoming 'better' as getting stronger, decreasing body fat composition, getting motivated to eat the right things, mastering technique, increasing confidence/mental fortitude, improving posture, improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance and much more! A typical TFW practice is 60 minutes in length and depending on the day is either resistance based or a metabolic practice that we call TFW Hurricanes!

What is the 8-Week Warrior Challenge?

Our 6-Week Warrior Challenge has proven results! It is an introductory fitness program that's designed for both men and women who have 'been there, done that' and want something different that is actually going to work. We teach you a lifestyle and train you both in the kitchen and on the gym floor! We do NOT require you to buy branded shakes or supplements. We do NOT require you to buy anything other than real food from your grocery store...that's it! Combining nutritional training and guidance with the Training for Warriors system will finally give you the results you deserve! Click Here to find out more!

Can I try Training for Warriors first?

Yes, absolutely! Come in and experience Training for Warriors with a FREE trial class. See why we're different than any program that you've ever tried. Click here to register for your free trial now! FREE TRIAL

Do you have classes early in the morning?

Our first class of the day is at 5 am. We have many classes throughout the day to accomodate almost any busy schedule. Check out our schedule and try a class today!