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Warrior Challenges

Driving you to do your best!

Life is essentially about “rising to the challenge.” In the case of the Warrior, this ability to overcome adversity is not an “extra,” it is essential. The greater the challenge, the better the opportunity to demonstrate how great you can become. The more often great challenges are undertaken, the chance to succeed when another arises is increased. So, the Warrior that can be in a constant state of pushing his or her own limits will eventually be best prepared when an unforeseen challenge presents itself.


The Warrior Challenges were originally built from some of the best athletes in the world as ways or techniques to monitor progress, but not fatigue the athletes for their particular sport. The challenges are relative body strength tests in short periods of time, showing progress and improvement over time. So every month when you see your workout plan, you will see that there are particular Warrior Challenges that are offered each month. Those challenges repeat every three months, so you have a chance to train for the next upcoming challenge to improve your results. This is why we are called “Training” for Warriors and not “exercise” for warriors. So we’re always training for something, and that something is an event. This creates something that will drive you to do your best and create that motivation you need to get the results you deserve! Our goal of this process is to build community by getting students excited about other students, recognizing good performance, and leading groups as great coaches.

workout benefits

  • Improves Heart Health
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Improves Recovery Ability
  • Melts Away Stress

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    Rick Davies

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    Megan Davies

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    George Davies

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